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New Members / BikerGnerd - Heyhey!
« Last post by BikerGnerd on Yesterday at 07:48 pm »
Heya, someone recommended I join here from another site I am on.
I am new to big bikes though have been riding 125s since 2012 with a bit of time off when I had my son.
I now own my dream bike a tiger XRx 800 <3

Tiger 800 / 900 - General Discussion / Re: broken down in France
« Last post by mjab on Yesterday at 07:03 pm »
*Originally Posted by sezian [+]
and just to top it off apparently I can't take the hire car through Eurotunnel to get home because of Brexit,

The reason you cant bring the car to the UK has been around for a lot longer than brexit. I had the same scenario in 2007 and I know of many others and my bike came back 4 weeks later.
Similarly if your bike is recovered by a recovery truck to the ferry port they cannot take your bike onto the ferry either. You have to push it on and off in the UK where another recovery truck is waiting. This is not the same as your scenario where you are getting repatriation of the bike
For Sale / FS:Givi TRK33 Trekker Black Monokey Panniers
« Last post by matt748 on Yesterday at 06:53 pm »
Iím selling my used but good condition Givi Trekker panniers, each 33litre storage.

There are a few wear and tear scuffs (I can send close ups if required) and one of the inner strap tabs has snapped (a freezer bag clip has sufficed but Givi replacements are only a tenner). 2 keys present.

Currently on sale at Sportsbikeshop for £449.99, Iím asking for £300.

Any questions, please ask. Due to size, collection only. Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Photos: 1 stock from the internet, 1 actual from this year. 

Presumably, the bike turns over but does not fire up?
1st obvious check the fuel pump 10A fuse. :027:
Thank you, I was having a daft moment!  :087:
Misc Technical Help Required / Help please
« Last post by Kenneth0405 on Yesterday at 04:55 pm »
Can anyone tell me I have a shock guard .NOT a shock tube  fitted to my tiger 2018 xcx can I fit a rear hugger as well , without having to modify the shock guard ..I think not as it extends below the swinging arm is it one or the other cheers Kenny
My tigers fuel pump has stopped working when I turn the ignition on everything else works on the dash. Any ideas plz
*Originally Posted by krisdl [+]
Hello there, thank you for listing this.  Could you tell me where you connect this, is it the USB under the seat?  Thank you in advance.
USB lead-end to your Windows PC or tablet, OBD2 plug on the interface to the mating socket under the seat.
*Originally Posted by Lukenrg [+]
Thanks a lot T800XC!!! I used a "bbfly OBD2, BF32301 USB" bougth on Amazon, i have a Tiger 800 xrt 2019 and the program V3.3 worked perfectly!
Thanks again for your help, you are helping everyone everywhere. A big hug from Italy  :047:

Hello there, thank you for listing this.  Could you tell me where you connect this, is it the USB under the seat?  Thank you in advance.
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