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*Originally Posted by chrisjk [+]
Does it interfere with the handlebars at all?

Or operation of the ignition key on the T900?
Tiger 800 / 900 - General Discussion / Re: Tiger 900 - Garmin Zumo XT
« Last post by mcinlb on Today at 07:48 pm »
On an Evotech mount directly above the dash  :028:
For Sale / 2013 tiger 800 arrow exhaust / end can
« Last post by deefer45 on Today at 07:10 pm »
Removed this official arrow End can / exhaust from my bike when selling it as wanted to return the bike to standard which I have now done so this is up for grabs.

Good condition, removed from a 2013 bike but should fit others but I cannot confirm.

No dents or major damage. A few light marks as to be expected with a used exhaust but nothing major. I have shown one scratch that is on the underside of the exhaust but this is not visible when fitted (only found it when I took the exhaust off.) its superficial as I canít catch my fingernail on it when I go over the scratch and Iíll give it a go later with the autosol see if it comes out.

£200 plus postage or collection from Northampton or Uxbridge, or can meet somewhere close to the the m40 as I work in Uxbridge and travel from Northampton to Uxbridge  regularly.

Wilbers 641 adjustable rear shock for Triumph Tiger 800 (A08)  2011 - 2014. Road version.

Completely adjustable, complete with optional Hydraulic preload adjuster and clamp, both high and low speed compression is adjustable via the remote reservoir and the rebound via a dial on the shock itself. Remote preload adjusts by turning the remote wheel thingy.

Done approx 6000 miles, a genuinely fantastic upgrade from the standard ones and and well worth every penny, totally transformed the back end of the bike. It was set up at the factory for: Rider weight of 106 kg but has plenty of preload adjustment either way.

Link to it on wilbers website, still available for Ä1098 - https://www.wilbers.de/shop/en/Motorcycle/Triumph/Tiger-800-A08/shock-absorber-type-641-Competition.html?year=2012

This should also fit other Triumph Tiger 800 road versions, years 2015 on, its eye to eye length is 345mm, but please check I cannot confirm.

Looking for £300 plus postage.

General Maintenance and Servicing / Re: Bad oil
« Last post by Guyver on Today at 06:34 pm »
Oil was left under the max mark when I filled this time. When I say bubbles, think more like bubble bath.
On Two Wheels / Baby Triumph Update?
« Last post by Stevie.P on Today at 06:32 pm »
Decided that the standard handlebar mount supplied with a Garmin Zumo XT was OK but I wanted something more heads up. After the usual research, following recommendations here  ordered a Tekmount from John Galloway at https://www.tekmount.co.uk/ Great service from him and from Ralph at https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125432058573 for the printed mount.

Thanks for all the help!
Tyres and Wheels / Re: Corroded and cracked XC wheel rims
« Last post by D6864 on Today at 03:14 pm »
I hope it comes out closer to £300 than the £462 estimate I was given! I tried a local wheel builder but he couldn't source a rim so my wheel is with CWC now, they gave a very favourable impression when I dropped it off.
General Maintenance and Servicing / Re: Bad oil
« Last post by Adô on Today at 02:26 pm »
I noticed that when the engine is off and the oil is returning to the sump, unlike any other oil I've ever used, it didn't slide back down as normal. Instead it's nothing but millions of tiny bubbles until after a while the bubbles come together to reform into the oil you see in the sightglass.
My mechanic mate has said to ditch the oil asap as it's oxidizing inside the engine.

Bubbles in oil isn't oxidation, that's quite different.

Could be frothing as awjdthumper said which sometimes can be caused by overfilling, although there are many other causes.
*Originally Posted by mcinlb [+]
Never heard of this, and why just a Garmin, my Tom Tom is mounted just above the screen and no issues....
how have you fitted your tomtom if I can ask
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