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Accessories and Products / Re: Turn signal mount
« Last post by markymark11 on Today at 05:27 pm »
You are quite correct it is Terry at   https://www.advmoto.co
Accessories and Products / Re: Turn signal mount
« Last post by Thripster on Today at 04:17 pm »
Think it is ADV Moto?
Accessories and Products / Turn signal mount
« Last post by OHRider on Today at 02:09 pm »
Looking for the member that sold the turn signal headlight mount and side maker lights. I need to get a new Union Jack cover.

Misc Technical Help Required / Clutch issue
« Last post by Fozzie on Today at 02:07 pm »
Hi all I have a 2013 800 xc and most of the time it changes gear spot on but in very heavy stop/start situations it's almost solid to get from 1st to neutral. Sometimes I need to switch off find neutral and restart and once I'm moving freely again it's all OK. Sounds like it's getting too hot to me. Has anyone else had this issue and if so what was the cure. Engine oil good and correct grade BTW. Any help greatly appreciated
Tiger 800 / 900 - General Discussion / Re: To buy or not to buy?
« Last post by markymark11 on Today at 01:35 pm »
I have to admit that at my age now and dodgy wrists, to go touring I would struggle without cruise control and that to me is the only thing that lets the 850 down. I test rode one just for a giggle and it is a lovely thing. A while ago I tried the Yamaha Tracer 900GT  and it was the most uncomfortable bike I ever rode. The seat rammed me into the tank so hard that I got cramp from trying to push myself back. I got off adjusted the seat height etc and just rode back to the dealer. I also found it "buzzy" and nothing like the plush 3 cylinder of the Tiger 800. Just goes to show everyone is so different and you have to test ride the actual bike you are thinking of.
Tiger 800 / 900 - General Discussion / Re: To buy or not to buy?
« Last post by Mrski1 on Today at 01:11 pm »
*Originally Posted by Ali [+]
Original poster here again.
So, having tried quite a few bikes now I have taken the advice of a couple of you (above) and bought myself a secondhand 3rd gen (2019) 800.
I got a very low mileage one in superb condition and saved myself a good few £000. And it's fantastic - does everything I could want. I still think the 900 is better in all but the vibes - but this 800 is brilliant for me for the time being.
Only problem being the Tourance tyres, they tramline very badly. Problem is there's loads of tread left. I'd better put a few miles on it so that I can get rid of them soon.

I took out a 900 Rally on Thursday, itís a lovely bike, although I noticed a slight vibration at around 75mph, itís not quite as smooth as my 800. The other difference was the suspension set up, the 900 provided much more support than my gen1 800. Apart from that, it felt quite familiar to the 800, possibly too familiar to warrant buying a 900 over an 800 with upgraded suspension.

And to get a new 900 from my local dealer would mean quite a wait to September, or a new 850 wouldn't be available until November!
Tiger 800 / 900 - General Discussion / Re: First Crash
« Last post by Mrski1 on Today at 12:55 pm »
*Originally Posted by awjdthumper [+]
And if you think British roundabouts are dangerous, try a French one. At least we give way to vehicles already on the roundabout unlike our French neighbours :084:

And in Gran Canaria they donít use the inside lane of a roundabout at all for some reason, even to go fully around and back from where you came from, they will go all the way around the outside 🤔
Tiger 800 / 900 - General Discussion / Re: First Crash
« Last post by Mrski1 on Today at 12:53 pm »
*Originally Posted by chico [+]
Roundabouts have no controls, it's up to the driver's good will whether to merge nicely or cut you off. In a four way stop the rules are simple. Whoever gets there first goes through or turns. If two vehicles stop simultaneously, the one on the right has the right of way. :005:


Quite simple in reality, cars looking to join a roundabout give way to those already on the roundabout. Some also have lights controlling when you can enter. Regardless of roundabout, there is no mitigating stupidity of some drivers 😬
Tiger 800 / 900 - General Discussion / Re: To buy or not to buy?
« Last post by Mrski1 on Today at 12:31 pm »
*Originally Posted by Fishy23 [+]
Funny all through my biking buys ( about seventeen) since 1964 Iíve always looked for the next step up bikewise.

Consumerism disguised as progress 🤣 Most of us get dragged into it too easily. I was given a Honda NC750X as a loan bike from my insurers after an accident, and Iíve really taken to it. Despite the journoís / forums all saying itís slow, overtakes need planning etc, in reality itís still quicker to accelerate than most cars, the under seat fuel tank makes the bike feel lighter than it is, the tank storage area is really useful, and it does an easy 80mpg! The suspension is a bit crude, but then again I was looking at suspension upgrades for the Tiger!
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