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Title: Powerblade Screens
Post by: Latestarter on November 16, 2020, 07:06:56 PM

Has anybody fitted an adjustable Powerblade screen to an early Tiger 800 ?
If so Iíd be interested in any feedback.
I like the price-point and idea of dual height / tilt adjustability.
They seem to  have quite a range of height too ( Iím 6í4Ē so am figuring thatís important ).
Looking also at MRA Vario.
Any thoughts on relative merits of Vario -v- Adjustable Vario / X-Screen in terms of effective reduction of noise / buffeting for tall bod like me ?
Have fitted simple spoiler ( EBay £9.99 ! ) to present Triumph Touring Screen, and I have say it does improve things ( at by £9.99ís worth ! ).
Hoping further improvement attainable for reasonable outlay however.
Grateful for Member input - else it all seems a bit hit-and-miss.
Thanks in advance !