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Do a 'search, it has been covered plenty of times. It is only a case of removing the 2 screws securing the lug and drilling 2 new holes to relocate the lug to match the Givi underside, (something like 20mm comes to mind).

Here, try this from a quick search:,29844.msg319713.html#msg319713

Thanks. I assumed that was probably the case!

The reason for asking is that a friend has recently bought a Givi top box and fittings for his Tiger 800 but to fit the mounting plate requires drilling 4 x holes through the existing rear plastic cover and then fitting two new internal brackets. It sounds simple but I'm worried this might challenge his mechanical skills (I would do it for him but he doesn't live close enough).  To avoid this, I was going to offer him the spare Triumph sliding carriage that came with my Tiger 800 since this might be easier for him to fit. However, if this is not suitable for the Givi top box then he's going to have to learn how to drill holes accurately!
2021 Tiger Mega Meet - Germany / Re: Lateral Flow Tests
« Last post by rozzer on Yesterday at 07:13:46 PM »

  If required as a condition for attending yes.
From my experience, no. Dimensions of the 3 fitting point is different.
Probably know the answer already but will a Givi Trekker top box fit on to a Triumph sliding carriage?
2021 Tiger Mega Meet - Germany / Re: Lateral Flow Tests
« Last post by Stevie.P on Yesterday at 05:50:18 PM »
LFT yes if requested.
2021 Tiger Mega Meet - Germany / Re: Lateral Flow Tests
« Last post by Derchef1962 on Yesterday at 05:17:24 PM »
i would take any test

but chances that I am allowed to come are getting lower day by day. Right now France and the Netherlands are High Risk areas which means quarantine for 10 days in the UK and my German full vaccination status does not seem to count as it wasn't the NHS who gave me the shots.....

Right now the figures here in Germany are still pretty low but are rising steadily every day if the devil has his way we'll be having another lockdown late autumn
ECU Re-Mapping and Tuning / Re: OBD connection
« Last post by T800XC on Yesterday at 04:15:31 PM »
TigerTool V3.3 is now on the forum for anyone to download.

Tiger 800 / 900 - General Discussion / Re: Buying Tiger 900 without test ride
« Last post by mcman56 on Yesterday at 03:52:04 PM »
Not the same bike but maybe similar experience.  I had never ridden any Triumph and currently owned a GSX1250FA but wanted something lighter.  I sat on a new Tiger low (850 or 900, not sure) and liked the ergonomics plus specs.  Being frugal, I looked around for a used Tiger low but there were none local.  I ended up buying a 2018 800 XRX with 3500 miles remotely.  The bike came from a dealer and I paid with a credit card but did not see it until it was delivered to my door.  It was a little spooky buying sight unseen but worked out well.  Compared to a Japanese bike, the engine is kind of noisy with mechanical sounds.  The ride modes are cute but power delivery is quite soft and the thing is no rocket ship so I don't know why they are there.  The power band is nice and wide.  The electronic cruise control is quite nice.  The suspension, even on the low model, is well balanced (unlike many Japanese bikes) and well controlled. 
The only thing I consider a little quirky is the ride by wire when starting from a stop.  As I am letting out the clutch and opening the throttle, I can feel the influence of another control mechanism.  Instead of a smooth steady rpm raise, I get sort of an "oo ah oo ah oo ah" not so smooth raise as the computer and I compete to set the throttle until the clutch is fully released.  I am not launching hard and don't mean to imply that it is in any way extreme but am used to getting a perfectly smooth rpm raise/ sound when starting out.  It could be that I tend to use less rpm than the computer thinks is appropriate.   I am getting used to it but maybe other riders have some advice on this.                         
ECU Re-Mapping and Tuning / Re: OBD connection
« Last post by rainbow-walker on Yesterday at 03:48:51 PM »
Brilliant news that a new version is out as a 900 Rally owner.  :062:

Wino50 I use a Mac with a parallels window emulator, works perfectly (will require a windows licence which you can buy via parallels software).

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