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Title: TC Disabled light and loss of ignition
Post by: bigmankz on September 14, 2019, 06:40:23 AM
Hello there! I have a 2018 800 XCA. Few weeks ago I noticed that the bike would loose ignition in one of cylinders and "TC disabled" light comes on. It usually happened when I put the bike on the side stand while it was running. Once I take the bike off the side stand or just put vertical it runs normally with no misfires. When I put it back on the sidestand it starts misfiring again.

I rode like that for few days. Obviously Check engine light came on. I checked for errors using DealerTool and it had P0351 error - Ignition Coil 1, circuit malfunction. I reset the error. Took the tank off. unplugged all the connections that are available underneath the tank. Checked ignition coils and spark plugs. all seem to be normal. Put everything back together, reset the error. Ran like that for a day with no problems or warning light coming on. At the end of the day I started the engine on the sidestand and again it had no ignition on one of the cylinders. "TC disabled" light came on. "Check engine" light came on. I put the bike vertically and nothing happened, it still misfired. I limped the bike home and now I plan to take it apart.

My thoughts are the following. I hope its a minor issue and its just bad ignition coil. The bad coil causes misfire. Misfire causes TC disable light. In order to confirm that I plan to swap coils between first and third cylinders, reset error and run the bike again. If error comes on again and it says that there's circuit malfunction is on the third cylinder then the problem is definitely bad coil. I will use brand new plugs to eliminate possibility of them being the cause of misfire.

My question is what else can be wrong if what I described above will not work? Taking to the dealer is not an option at the moment as the closest dealer is 1400 kms aways in a different country. :))

All advice is appreciated.
Title: Re: TC Disabled light and loss of ignition
Post by: Rtwo on September 14, 2019, 07:26:50 AM
Maybe have a good dig around for a chafing cable somewhere?
Title: Re: TC Disabled light and loss of ignition
Post by: bigmankz on September 16, 2019, 09:28:02 AM
Took the bike apart for changing air filter. While it was disassembled I swapped coils between cylinders 1 and 2. Checked all the connections and grounds from the battery onwards again. put it all back together. Reset the error code. The engine started perfectly. All three cyliners run great. No TC diabaled light, no check engine light. very strange. Will ride like that for a few days and will see what happens.