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Title: possible returnee with tuning questions
Post by: paul_o on July 19, 2020, 09:41:37 AM
morning folks

i owned a T800 roadie about 8/9 years ago - had the very first PC5 fitted and setup at dynotune

iíd been pondering the new 900, although not in a rush to pony up the ££ or do a PCP - especially as the engine specs havenít kept forward. i sold my old roadie and went for the 1050 sport in 2013, but missed the handling of the 800

having come back to this site, iíd wondered if there had been anyone else address the poor header (just_peekn did some great work modding his!) or, has there been any ďgo toĒ tunes for folks who gutted their cat and put a decent end can on?

Iím contemplating getting a 2011/12 model as theyíre cheap and going full on with mods as itíll be long out of warranty - having spent fortunes on the old 800/1050 and not seen good resale values, iím starting cheaper this time....

...unless someone can convince me that the 900 is night and day to the old 800......

otherwise, where the maps? :)