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Extract from xrx 2015 manual
Interval for check (and adjust) 12000miles 20000km

Accessories and Products / Re: Best Dolly
« Last post by Jonjak on Today at 01:40:02 PM »
I have a 2020 GTP. I attempted to balance the bike on the side stand, but immediately noticed that the weight was too much for the stand, and was clearly going to snap. This may be due to it being aluminium? I did not try anymore
*Originally Posted by bazthebike [+]
            Where did you get the info bout not being able to remap ?
Iím not 100% sure where I herd it, but it I believe it came from Triumph. Apparently they locked it to prevent that very thing. After all, why make a cheaper bike easy to get closer to the next model up. Iím pretty sure the boffins out there will find a way to change it, but canít really see the point of risking it for little gain anyway?
Electrical, Lighting, and Wiring / Led headlight/tft
« Last post by Steve razor on Today at 08:58:28 AM »
If i replace my led headlight ( smashed in accident, 1 for 1 replacement, 2nd hand, same part no). Do i need to get the tft reset? The battery was disconnected for some time between replacement, & i heard triumph need to reset tft. Everything works other than headlight & fog lights. Cheers. 2019 xrt.
Brakes and ABS / Re: TC disabled and Engine warning light
« Last post by chuckxc on Today at 07:07:19 AM »
yes, it could well be that the wheel speed pickups on the rotor are not working properly, either dirty or out of alignment. That would give erroneous signals to the ECU and ABS.
 :0461: But, in addition to the clearance disparities shown in the SOHUTAA linked chart -- the clearances listed are exceedingly small (inlet clearences almost too small to measure).
And, the "Limit of Service" measurements are larger than the clearance settings. That's not what happens in use -- the clearances tend to close-up / get less (smaller).
All of which seems to sow some doubt on that chart (IMO)?
Suspension and Chassis Set-up and Mods / Re: XCa Rear Sag - Confused!
« Last post by AvgBear on Today at 01:53:53 AM »
In an effort to allay some confusion, if your suspension repeatedly "bottoms" you need more ride height, less sag, or a stronger spring.
(if it doesn't repeatedly "bottom"? -- you may need none of the listed remedies?)
Springs lose their energy in-put when manufactured - sag - over time, use/abuse.
Some springs may be better than others? -- a quality issue.
*Originally Posted by bazthebike [+]
     excuse me for sounding dumb but i thought the 2019/2020 tiger 900 base model doesnt have the imu anyway but it is 95bhp.Surely its only the gt pro that has this. the gt and rallys dont.

All 900 have IMU, the 850 now in 2021 replaces the base 900, that's the logic even if I personally find this really dumb and they don't have IMU.
Suspension and Chassis Set-up and Mods / Re: XCa Rear Sag - Confused!
« Last post by dasf on Yesterday at 08:24:00 PM »
Here is the sag values for my 800 XCA -17 25000 km.

Static sag 60 mm =28% of 215 mm (full travel)
Rider sag 110 mm =51% of 215 mm (full travel). Preload 9. My weight 100 kg.

Had some funny sag values earlier and found there were some oil missing in the reservoir. Easy fix in my post,24478.msg303099.html#msg303099
According to Revzilla "And before anyone asks, no, you canít go to your Triumph dealer and have them flash an 850ís ECU to make it run like a 900. Triumph claims the ECU is locked to prevent this."

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