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Tyres and Wheels / Re: New Michelin Road 5 trial
« Last post by MickyBoy on Today at 03:06:22 PM »
Sorry I'm being really thick here.

So when looking for PR4's the sizes I need for my 2015 Xrx are:

Front: 110/80/19
Rear: 150/70 R17 69V

AND I need to choose the trail version which are actually 100% for road use?

I know I am being slow but I just want to be 100% before I buy them online.
Electrical, Lighting, and Wiring / Re: Tiger died and won't start
« Last post by T800XC on Today at 02:20:06 PM »
If not all lights etc are showing check the engine kill switch.
Finally found time to fit my bracket today, very pleased.

I copied Sprint (method 2) and tapped the bracket to take M6 bolts. Similarly I cut an M8 thread to take the Ram mount. The bolt was a bit long so I stuck a nut on the bottom to well and truly lock it off.

I am currently using my phone and the Scenic app for navigation hence the X-mount arrangement pictured.

I'd like to say a big thanks to Mike for sharing his ingenuity with us lot.

Also thanks to this forum which makes great things like this possible!

Electrical, Lighting, and Wiring / Re: Tiger died and won't start
« Last post by ColinXCX on Today at 02:09:33 PM »
If you've got Tigertool, plug it in and check for codes, clear any and see if that makes any difference. Always worth checking all the fuses just in case any are blown.
Thanks for sugestions.
I've always had the issue of showing no fuel when batterys been off, I saw a thread a while ago  regarding showing no fuel and bike would'nt start until after vigorous side to side motion to show fuel then it started.

Anyways, checked 30A fuse on solenoid and thats fine.
Everything comes on clocks when ignition is turned, but does'nt show any fuel and just noticed neutral light or the gear selector number does'nt come up.
Electrical, Lighting, and Wiring / Re: Tiger died and won't start
« Last post by Zaphod on Today at 01:14:36 PM »
Never heard of not starting because showing no fuel - showing no fuel is common after having the tank off, until you've ridden a way.

As RTWO says, look at the 30A fuse - but do you have anything showing on the dash? Check you battery connections too - as the last thing you changed, that's where I'd start.
Electrical, Lighting, and Wiring / Re: Tiger died and won't start
« Last post by Rtwo on Today at 11:44:59 AM »
If you're sure the battery is good, have a look at the solenoid and 30A fuse - under the battery
Electrical, Lighting, and Wiring / Tiger died and won't start
« Last post by Johnnys triumph on Today at 11:14:16 AM »
Hi newbie here,  :148:

I have a 2014 Tiger abs, I replaced the battery approx a month ago and went for a ride.
Got the bike out yday to go for a ride, started fine and went for petrol which took 4.5L to full.
Headed back home to pick GF up and halfway back bike just died, (I was moving at the time so not stalled( and good job I was'nt on a bendy road)) would'nt even crank over.
Pushed the bike back home, took battery off for charging as was a little low and has been on optimiser all night, now a full battery but not showing any fuel so still not cranking.
I know the Tiger won't start if no fuel is showing after removing battery but the battery has been on over night, could this possibly be a fuel sensor issue?.
Thanks in advance.
For Sale / Re: Triumph Tiger 800 Panniers and top box complete kit - SOLD
« Last post by kempy on Today at 09:17:08 AM »
Sold to V2T. Thanks and hope you have many memorable trips with the luggage  :028:  :031:
For Sale / Re: Krauser Soft Bag Panniers with fittings
« Last post by kempy on Today at 09:09:04 AM »
Selling to Phil, PM sent  :028:
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