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Riding Gear, Helmets, Clothing, Apparel / Re: Wind Noise
« Last post by pahiker on Today at 09:08:08 PM »
My solution is to wear earplugs.
Tiger 800 - General Discussion / Re: The old question of MPG and the Tiger
« Last post by penry on Today at 08:51:29 PM »
I brimmed my new ( 2 week old ) 2019 XCa the day I collected it and refuelled this afternoon. Running in miles so not caning it but tbh I'm riding about the same as I normally would ( brisk without being thrashy ) and I brimmed it again with 19 litres - so clearly not empty.
Odometer read 332 miles. I don't know how accurate that is but if the speedo is anything to go by its pretty close.

I'll get the 500 service done next weekend and do a 'proper' check.
Quite happy with it so far.
Riding Gear, Helmets, Clothing, Apparel / Re: Wind Noise
« Last post by grunty-motor on Today at 08:50:20 PM »
I would think that the problem will lie in the screen, not the helmet.
General Maintenance and Servicing / Fork Oil - Another one
« Last post by mikegml on Today at 08:35:04 PM »
Just spent ages going through the other fork oil threads. I'm more than a bit baffled. I get the drift that the weight isn't always an accurate measure of the thickness as we think of it. However, looking at the lists of 'real' viscosities inc' at different temps' there seems to be so little relationship between the stated weight and viscosity you wonder why they state the weight at all. What's the point? The viscosities vary hugely.

I've just removed the forks and emptied the legs. Like others I think it's too hard as is and I want a bit softer. I'm not looking for miracles. I haven't a clue what was in there but I'll assume it was the recommended oil.

So, recommend me an easily obtainable fork oil.  I'm thinking a 7.5W oil.
Maybe you were just riding more sensibly because it was wet thus the mpg went up?
Tiger 800 - General Discussion / Re: Thinking of Returning
« Last post by Dandy on Today at 08:13:18 PM »
Yeah me too sorry to hear about your health issues Rtwo.

Love my new 800 ya need to get ya wallet out and buy one.

Whatever ya riding keep posting.  :028:

Riding Gear, Helmets, Clothing, Apparel / Wind Noise
« Last post by Hen99 on Today at 08:12:22 PM »
Hi All
Just done another 400 mile day, Tiger went fine , Only issue the dreaded wind noise in your helmet
Now I ride with a Give airflow screen which is fine , keeps a lot of wind of my body  but I would like to lessen the wind noise in my helmet, I currently have 2 AGV  k4 s , I am looking for another helmet , maybe for winter use only which I will not wear with sunglasses but maybe  with a fine balaclava - has anybody any secrets as to how you know how noisey the new helmet will be ,
Spending £400 on a new helmet will be a bit of a waste if it does not reduce the wind noise.  :084:
Suspension and Chassis Set-up and Mods / 2018 XCA WP shock - oil capacity
« Last post by V2T on Today at 08:03:08 PM »

Does anyone know how much oil is contained in the shock? I inadvertently (don’t ask) opened the valve on the preload adjuster on the left hand side of the bike and lost “some” oil before I could get it closed. Is this the shock oil, or is it only the preload adjuster’s oil? It seemed to be pressurised.
Tiger 800 - General Discussion / Re: The old question of MPG and the Tiger
« Last post by Dandy on Today at 08:01:30 PM »
I got here down to 7 miles and she was brimmed with 16.5 litres so quite a safety margin there

I average according to computer 63  mpg but on a recent wet ride out I put her in rain mode and the figure went up to 67 mpg wondering if anyone else has noticed this.
For Sale / Re: 2014 Tiger 800xc for sale
« Last post by Johnny50 on Today at 07:26:47 PM »
Could you email some pictures please.
Will PM you my address.
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